I have written a bit about value investing lately. Mainly in the context of Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham, two staunch advocates of value investing.

But there is also growth investing. A slightly different approach to investment analysis.

Today we will show a little love for those who wish to acquire growth stocks(more…)

Benjamin Graham Investing Principles

I mentioned Benjamin Graham in “Mistakes of Warren Buffett” and recommended his book, “The Intelligent Investor”.

Benjamin Graham mentored Warren Buffet and is considered the founder of value investing.

Today, a quick summary on Benjamin Graham and his three key principles for value investing. While they may not turn you into the next Warren Buffett, these investment tips will make you a better investor.  (more…)

I love the investor, Warren Buffett. Hate the politician, Warren Buffett, but love the investor.

I believe the Benjamin Graham based investment philosophy utilized by Buffett is excellent. An investment style worth emulating for individuals who invest in individual securities.

Identify solid companies in growing industries, with superior products or services, and run by first-rate management. Then invest for the longer term.

The results are evident both in the personal success of Warren Buffett and in his primary investment vehicle, Berkshire Hathaway.

But neither Benjamin Graham’s style nor Warren Buffet are infallible. Mistakes can be made.  (more…)

Warren Buffet’s Words of Wisdom

Warren Buffet has done exceptionally well as an investor and businessman over the long run.

That said, I do not believe that the average investor can emulate Buffet’s approach.

But Buffet, in his folksy Nebraskan way, does offer some great advice.

This linked article from Business Insider shares 15 of his top short snappers.

A few thoughts from my side on some of the points Buffet makes.  (more…)

The Secret of Buffett’s Success?

This weekend I read an article on the secret of Warren Buffett’s investment success.

At least in the mind of the author.

The author believes that: (more…)

Value Investing

Equities are often viewed through the prism of being either value or growth stocks.

This is especially true when reviewing different investment styles for equity funds.

Today we will take a look at value investing. (more…)

Warren Buffet’s Investing Advice

Like the old E.F. Hutton advertisements, when Warren Buffet speaks, people listen.

And listen closely. (more…)

Invest Like Warren Buffett

Want to mimic the value investing style of famed investor, Warren Buffett?

This Globe and Mail article examines how to invest like Mr. Buffett.

The article references Validea, a company that allows you to track model portfolios each based on the philosophy of a different investment guru. Not interested in Warren Buffett? There is always Peter Lynch, Martin Zweig, and others to emulate. Subscription cost is a little rich for my taste, but I think it is a creative concept.

As for mirroring Warren Buffett’s moves, replicating his style may not be that simple. (more…)

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