Facebook and a New Job

On 03/20/2012, in Career, Finding a Job, Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

Interesting article this morning.

It seems some companies ask job applicants for their Facebook passwords during interviews.

My brother-in-law just keeled over. My nephew may never get a job now. He felt slightly better when I reminded him his son has little chance of getting hired regardless.

But this another cautionary tale for those using social media and the internet

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Facebook – Friend or Big Brother?

On 01/17/2012, in Career, Email, Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

Just read an interesting article on Facebook.

Facebook and Politico are working together to create sentiment analysis reports on political issues. Now that in itself is not overly interesting.

What is intriguing is this: 

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Technology: Both a Friend and Foe

On 03/30/2010, in Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

In previous posts, here and here, we looked at the perils of technology.

How emails, voice mail, text messages, Facebook postings, to list just a few examples, can come back to haunt you. Professionally as well as personally.  

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Be Careful What You Post

On 03/23/2010, in Career, Finding a Job, Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

… on social networking sites or in the activities you engage online if you want be employable.

At least that is what Microsoft determined in a survey of consumers and Human Resource or recruitment professionals. Microsoft found,

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Without commenting on how people are interpreting the Tiger Woods situation – cheating on a partner, whether it is a spouse or in business is not good – there are a few excellent lessons in what is transpiring. And given the rate Tiger would charge for a lesson, you are getting a great deal on this.

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