(More) Grade Inflation

On 07/19/2011, in Formal Education, by Jordan Wilson

In Academics Versus Extracurricular Activities, I compared the relative importance of grades versus outside interests when companies assess job candidates.

In my opinion, while grades do play a role in attracting a job offer, other factors play a greater part in the equation. And over time, the importance of grades diminishes significantly.

A lot of this has to do with the difficulty in comparing grades between schools. 

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Get a Head Start on Your Career

On 07/07/2011, in Career, Finding a Job, by Jordan Wilson

Courtesy of Investopedia, a good article entitled “4 Ways To Get A Head Start On Your Financial Career”.

While the article is finance specific, the general lessons apply to most career paths.

As the article states, in today’s job market, it is important to appear a more attractive employment candidate than your many competitors.

Here are a few thoughts from my side. 

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Summer Job Interview Questions

On 06/03/2011, in Career, Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

Interviewing for a summer job is slightly different than a full-time position.

The reasons are two-fold.

One, the summer applicant has less experience and skills than most full-time employees. The job is to develop some relevant experience and earn a little cash to pay tuition.

Two, the company is looking for a junior employee to assist with summer work. The skills required are typically not extensive and if the company errs in their selection the ramifications are not significant.

As a result, the interview process for a summer position tends to be fairly generic.

Today we will look at some considerations for students preparing for interviews. 

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Advice for Your Summer Job

On 04/29/2011, in Career, Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

For many readers still in school, it is almost time to start summer employment.

Some will focus on earning money to pay for next year’s tuition, rent, and other expenses.

Some will take less, or no money, and work or intern with companies in your intended field.

For those of you working to gain some experience and insight into your planned career path, a few thoughts on optimizing your summer. 

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No Summer Job?

On 07/22/2010, in Entrepreneurship, Finding a Job, Informal Education, by Jordan Wilson

Every summer it seems to be harder for students to find temporary employment.

This article from looks at one poor girl’s situation.

Given the statistics cited in the article, 25.7% of teens in the US are unemployed this June, many readers of this blog may be in a similar strait.

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