Asset Allocation: Common Shares

On 02/09/2011, in Asset Allocation, by Jordan Wilson

The final core asset class is common shares.

Yes, I know the final class is equities, but I consider preferred shares to be more fixed income in nature.

We can also use percentage allocations for these equities.

Once again, the right allocation is determined by your own comprehensive investor profile. Keys include your current financial situation, phase in the life cycle, and risk tolerance.

Here are a few thoughts from my side.

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Asset Allocation: Fixed Income

On 02/07/2011, in Asset Allocation, by Jordan Wilson

Fixed income is the second core asset class.

Here we can start to look at percentage allocations when investing.

Again, the investor profile will determine the appropriate amount to invest in fixed income.

Within the profile, the phase of one’s life cycle and the investor’s risk tolerance are keys.  

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Life Cycle View of Wealth Accumulation

On 07/05/2010, in Investor Profiles, by Jordan Wilson

While risk tolerance is a driver in one’s investor profile, so too are an individual’s personal circumstances.

Where an individual is at different stages of one’s life greatly influences the risk/return decisions that are made.

Today we will review the Life Cycle view of wealth accumulation.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

On 02/14/2010, in Marketing, by Jordan Wilson

Valentine’s Day, the perfect merging of sex and spending.

This article from SmartMoney shows the connection between the two in marketing products.  Not surprisingly, it also shows that men are not the smartest creatures on the planet.

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