Next we will see cats lying with dogs.

In “ETF Expense Ratios Between Countries”, I looked at how the same fund can have widely different expense ratios depending on which exchange it was listed.

I read an interesting article that reinforces a key point I made. And adds a couple more worthy of note. 

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Benjamin Graham Investing Principles

On 03/14/2012, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

I mentioned Benjamin Graham in “Mistakes of Warren Buffett” and recommended his book, “The Intelligent Investor”.

Benjamin Graham mentored Warren Buffet and is considered the founder of value investing.

Today, a quick summary on Benjamin Graham and his three key principles for value investing. While they may not turn you into the next Warren Buffett, these investment tips will make you a better investor. 

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Risk Management for Investors

On 06/07/2010, in Investment Concepts, by Jordan Wilson

Becoming an effective investor requires you to properly manage investment risk.

Today we shall look at how this is typically done.  

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Risk Management Tools

On 06/03/2010, in Investment Concepts, by Jordan Wilson

Managing risk is extremely important in daily life, as well as in business and investing.

Today we look at five key ways to manage pure risks. These include: avoidance, loss control, retention, non-insurance transfers, insurance.

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