Investment Analyst Reports

On 04/07/2013, in Equities, Investment Concepts, by Jordan Wilson

I do not believe small investors should invest in individual stocks.

Limited capital makes it difficult to diversify portfolios and increases transaction costs.

Smaller investors typically lack the investment expertise, experience, and tools to successfully analyze stocks or time markets.

Stick with low-cost, well-diversified exchange traded and open-ended index mutual funds.

The reality though is that many smaller investors do invest in individual stocks. A high percentage rely on analyst reports to help them select which equities to buy.

This post is for you. 

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The internet contains a lot of information.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo, are popular and potentially effective search engines to help find specific data. Unfortunately, many users are relatively inefficient in using these search engines.

Today, some advice and concrete tools to improve your internet search results. 

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Choosing an Online Broker – Part II

On 08/16/2010, in Investments, by Jordan Wilson

In Part I we looked at a few areas of concern when comparing online brokers: reputation and reviews; minimum funding levels; available methods to make trades; commissions; fees.

All important and fairly obvious.

Today we will look at a few more areas to compare online brokerage firms.

Some of these may be less obvious, but I think they are also important for investors. Especially those that wish to create cost effective, well diversified investment portfolios.  

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