Financial Advice for Younger Adults

On 04/03/2013, in Cash Management, by Jordan Wilson

The New York Times offers some “Financial Tips for Younger People”.

Not bad financial advice for young investors. Worth a read.

Key points offered: 

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Many readers are a long ways away from retirement.

Messing up on retirement is not yet on one’s radar.

But it should be.

And the sooner you realize how people mess up retirement, the easier it is to avoid problems. 

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Alternative Asset Class ETFs

On 11/27/2010, in Exchange Traded Funds, by Jordan Wilson

To date we have treated exchange traded funds (ETFs) strictly as index trackers.

In our examples, we have focussed on stock indices.

But there is more to ETFs than simply being stock index trackers.

Before leaving ETFs, I want to briefly discuss some other available ETF options.

All these other ETFs trade exactly as the ETFs we previously discussed. The only difference is the assets within the ETF portfolio and/or the investment tactics used by the ETF.

Today we will quickly review some other available ETF asset classes.

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Mutual Fund Categories

On 09/09/2010, in Mutual Funds, by Jordan Wilson

Today we will define a few common fund investment styles.

Later, we will review the risk-return profiles and investment uses for each category.

I have previously written about some of the asset classes listed below, so please refer to my earlier posts for greater detail on a specific style.

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