Sounding like you are smart, does not mean that you are.

I think this is an underrated problem for many people.

Something that came to mind, yet again, while reading a Seth Godin post

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Terrible Cover Letters

On 02/16/2012, in Cover Letters & Resumes, by Jordan Wilson

Last week a cover letter from a JPMorgan job applicant went viral due to its sheer …

Is awfulness a word?

I did not intend to comment on the cover letter as it seemed to be everywhere. Then my nephew sent me one of his cover letters for feedback and, for some strange reason, the JPMorgan cover letter kept flashing in my mind.

Sadly, a true story. 

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The internet contains a lot of information.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo, are popular and potentially effective search engines to help find specific data. Unfortunately, many users are relatively inefficient in using these search engines.

Today, some advice and concrete tools to improve your internet search results. 

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Advice for Your Summer Job

On 04/29/2011, in Career, Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

For many readers still in school, it is almost time to start summer employment.

Some will focus on earning money to pay for next year’s tuition, rent, and other expenses.

Some will take less, or no money, and work or intern with companies in your intended field.

For those of you working to gain some experience and insight into your planned career path, a few thoughts on optimizing your summer. 

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(In)Competence in Business

On 01/24/2011, in Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

I do not expect perfection in business dealings (although I hope for it).

But I do expect that my staff, colleagues, and business associates are competent. That is, they can perform their functions within the minimum standards for their specific function.

If I am dealing with a person trying to sell me a product or service, I am even more demanding that they exhibit basic competence.

Sadly, this basic proficiency is often lacking.

For example:

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Always Be Discreet

On 01/13/2011, in Career, Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

This amusing story from Above the Law serves as a reminder about discretion in business.

The tales are always amusing. At least until they involve you.

As a public accountant, periodically we would get emails with examples similar to Acela Bob.

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UBS Dress Code

On 12/16/2010, in Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

So you want a career in Swiss banking?

I know my nephew does, but I suspect he conflates Swiss banking with becoming a fry cook.

UBS, the Swiss banking giant and a former employer of mine, has issued a dress code for its Swiss retail staff.

Fortunately I left the Bank before this was implemented. Otherwise I would need a whole new wardrobe to replace my leisure suits and clip-on ties. The nose ring as well.

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Or scary.

Education should serve a few purposes.

Schools should teach students the basic skills needed in the work world. Math, writing, reading, comprehension, and the like.

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Attention to Relevant Detail

On 06/17/2010, in Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

An interesting piece of advice for students preparing to enter law school.

I would suggest that it is equally true for any aspiring professional.

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Worst Words to Say at Work

On 05/31/2010, in Career, by Jordan Wilson

I read this article over the weekend and thought it worthy of highlighting.

In business, the use of words and phrases such as those listed tend to aggravate managers.

Although the article is good, I do have a few thoughts to add.

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