We looked at “How Investors Use ETFs”.

Today we consider how financial advisors use exchange traded funds (ETFs) in their business. 

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Probably way more than three ways personal financial advisors can mislead clients. But the article I want to link mentions three, so we will start there.

I agree with two of the three, but you can come to your own conclusions.

Okay, so what are these evil secrets financial advisors use to hurt clients? 

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Alphabet Soup of Designations

On 08/25/2012, in Financial Advisors, by Jordan Wilson

In Financial Advisor Qualifications, I noted there is a veritable alphabet soup of financial service designations. There are so many different accreditations that it can be difficult to assess and compare financial professionals.

So the timing of this announcement was interesting (at least to one with no life, like me). 

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I am stunned, amazed, and find it all very hard to believe*.

A lawsuit in the United States alleges that JPMorgan Chase steered clients “to overpriced, underperforming funds to boost the bank’s fees and profits.”

Say it ain’t so. Next you’ll tell me (spoiler alert) that there is no Santa Claus nor Easter Bunny.

The linked article makes some important points that individuals should always remember. 

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