Tips to Diversify Your Portfolio

On 05/12/2013, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

Diversification is crucial for long-term investment success.

Proper diversification, that is.

Today, how to better diversify your investment portfolio. 

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Want to Invest Like a Pro?

On 01/24/2013, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

Want to learn how to invest like a professional investor?

Maybe a good plan, maybe not. But our friends at Investopedia discuss how to “Invest Like a Pro”.

Article highlights and my comments below:

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Buy and Hold with Individual Stocks

On 04/17/2011, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

A long-term buy and hold strategy can work with individual, non-diversified assets. For example, shares of Cisco or Swiss Re. Or General Electric Capital bonds. Or the Japanese Yen.

But I would not recommend it.

Here is why. 

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A very good article in The Wall Street Journal, How to Profit From Inflation.

It provides advice on how to survive the looming inflation. For that alone, it is worth a read.

But the article also reinforces some of the topics we have discussed in this blog.

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Acceptable and Unacceptable Assets

On 01/29/2011, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

Once you have completed your investor profile, the next step is to determine acceptable investment options.

What asset classes and sub-classes to include in or exclude from your investment universe.

Your unique profile and risk tolerance should determine which assets to invest in.

Today I will offer a few thoughts on things you might consider.  

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Diversification and Asset Correlations

On 06/11/2010, in Investment Concepts, by Jordan Wilson

In An Introduction to Diversification, we began our review of the subject.

Knowing something about asset correlations is crucial to better understanding why diversification is important in an investment portfolio.

So that shall be today’s topic.

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Liquidity Risk in Business

On 05/24/2010, in Investment Concepts, by Jordan Wilson

Liquidity risk refers to the liquidity of the asset or investment that you own.

It can refer to two different things.

One, can the company quickly create cash so as to pay its obligations?

Two, how quickly can you buy or sell an asset and is there a trade-off between price and time?

Today we will look at the first issue.

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Nonsystematic Risk – Part II

On 05/21/2010, in Investment Concepts, by Jordan Wilson

Today we will look at a few more types of nonsystematic risks.

If you missed first instalment, please check out Nonsystematic Risk – Part I.

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Nonsystematic Risk – Part I

On 05/20/2010, in Investment Concepts, by Jordan Wilson

Whether you are managing a business or analyzing a company as a potential investment, nonsystematic risks must be considered.

With qualitative analysis, knowledge and experience are key to proper evaluation. Each situation is different and one needs to be mentally nimble to identify the relevant risk factors and how to deal with them.

In two posts, I shall describe typical nonsystematic risks and raise a few of the questions I might ask when assessing a specific risk. The lists and questions will in no way be exhaustive – possibly exhausting for the reader though – but hopefully they will give you an idea of the kind of analysis necessary.

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Nonsystematic and Systematic Risk

On 05/18/2010, in Investment Concepts, by Jordan Wilson

When making investment decisions, one should always perform both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

By investment decisions, I include financial instruments such as stocks and bonds. But it also refers to any decisions you make when operating a business.

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