Things Never to Say to Your Boss

On 03/31/2012, in Career, by Jordan Wilson

There are a variety of things that you should never say to your boss.

Some should be (hopefully) obvious to readers. “You sure are one fat, smelly, idiot.” “Does the company provide free needles?” “Would you and your spouse be up for a three-some?”

But there are more subtle comments that also can hurt your career. Comments that most bosses hear everyday in the office.

Avoid these statements and you will improve the probability of career success. 

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Learn to Become a “Solution” Person

On 03/22/2010, in Career, by Jordan Wilson

This Yahoo Finance article lists 7 Things Never to Say to Your Boss.

None involve having your boss performing unnatural acts. That would be an eighth.

If you want to enjoy a successful career, I suggest you become known as a “solution” person.

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