I am stunned, amazed, and find it all very hard to believe*.

A lawsuit in the United States alleges that JPMorgan Chase steered clients “to overpriced, underperforming funds to boost the bank’s fees and profits.”

Say it ain’t so. Next you’ll tell me (spoiler alert) that there is no Santa Claus nor Easter Bunny.

The linked article makes some important points that individuals should always remember. 

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Why Does German Business Prosper?

On 06/25/2012, in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, by Jordan Wilson

Liebherr is a multinational German construction machine company now based in Switzerland.

They have produced a marketing video featuring one of their excavators in action. Usually I am not a machine and operator enthusiast, but I shall make an exception here.

Not sure if the video is a commentary on German engineering and superior performance, but I probably would not want to see this done by a Greek firm.


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Try Not To Annoy Your Customers

On 06/13/2012, in Business, Marketing, by Jordan Wilson

Customer satisfaction is important for a company to succeed. The happier the customer, the better of chance of improving sales and profitability.

A well known adage in business.

But I will take it a step back in today’s world.

Start by just trying not to intentionally annoy your customers. 

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Lessons From a Street Vendor Part III

On 03/15/2010, in Career, Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

Today marks the end of the street vendor.

If you have not yet read Part I and Part II, I suggest you do so before going on.

Okay, let’s look at the final gem from Mr. Wang.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

On 02/14/2010, in Marketing, by Jordan Wilson

Valentine’s Day, the perfect merging of sex and spending.

This article from SmartMoney shows the connection between the two in marketing products.  Not surprisingly, it also shows that men are not the smartest creatures on the planet.

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Honest Marketing

On 01/10/2010, in Marketing, by Jordan Wilson

I know several Marketing majors trapped inside Accountants’ bodies who read this blog. For you, and others studying in less creative fields, consider the innovative and highly unusual approach being used by Domino’s Pizza to market their pizza.

They are being honest in their advertising.

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When I was in university, I wanted to major in Marketing.

Reading articles like Menu Mind Games is the main reason why. I find the use of psychological tactics to manipulate human behaviour fascinating. Maybe that is why I find Behavioural Finance so much fun.  

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