Top 10 Best Things About Mutual Funds

On 02/03/2012, in Mutual Funds, by Jordan Wilson

Started reading Morningstar’s “Fund Spy” last night.

A gift from the nice folks at Morningstar, so thanks.

In it, Morningstar produces a chart with the top 10 best things about mutual funds.

An interesting list. 

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Apple First Quarter Results

On 02/02/2012, in Equities, Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

Apple released its first quarter 2012 results last week.

Interesting stuff.

Yes, the results were impressive, but that was not the most fascinating part. 

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Each year seems to bring an ever increasing number of new exchange traded funds (ETFs).

2011 was no exception.

Some say many of the new ETFs are not necessary, but I like the increase. 

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Is a crash in the markets coming?

I am not sure.

If one does occur, experts will look back and see many clear warning signs. And there are a multitude of red flags.

However, governments, banks, investment companies, and the like, are doing their best to avoid a calamity. 

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Nonsystematic Risk – Part I

On 05/20/2010, in Investment Concepts, by Jordan Wilson

Whether you are managing a business or analyzing a company as a potential investment, nonsystematic risks must be considered.

With qualitative analysis, knowledge and experience are key to proper evaluation. Each situation is different and one needs to be mentally nimble to identify the relevant risk factors and how to deal with them.

In two posts, I shall describe typical nonsystematic risks and raise a few of the questions I might ask when assessing a specific risk. The lists and questions will in no way be exhaustive – possibly exhausting for the reader though – but hopefully they will give you an idea of the kind of analysis necessary.

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