Passive and Active Investing

On 10/22/2010, in Investment Strategies, Mutual Funds, by Jordan Wilson

We will look at the active versus passive management debate.

Today we shall differentiate the two strategies.

Then we shall shall see if one strategy is preferable when investing.  

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Pros and Cons of Investment Professionals

On 10/13/2010, in Mutual Funds, by Jordan Wilson

I believe that non-professional investors should not normally compete with professionals.

In some ways, I view it as competing against Tiger Woods on the golf course. Unless you have the same skills, it is difficult.

The professionals have an unfair advantage over the amateurs and it is not wise to try and beat them in picking investments.  

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Mutual Fund Management

On 09/30/2010, in Mutual Funds, by Jordan Wilson

After evaluating performance, a review of fund management should be completed.


For two reasons.

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Mutual Fund Concerns: Operating Costs

On 09/22/2010, in Mutual Funds, by Jordan Wilson

In our last post, we reviewed transactional costs involving mutual funds.

Besides potential sales charges and brokers’ commissions, you must to pay annual fees for the cost of operating each fund on an ongoing basis. These costs can differ significantly between funds and should be reviewed carefully before investing in a specific fund.

In fact, I believe that assessing a mutual fund’s cost structure is a key to investing success.

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