ETFs Versus Closed-End Funds

On 11/22/2010, in Exchange Traded Funds, by Jordan Wilson

Previously we compared exchange traded funds (ETFs) with open-end mutual funds.

Today we will take a look at ETFs versus closed-end funds (CEFs).  

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Today we will start to look at the perceived advantages of exchange traded funds (ETFs) versus open-end index mutual funds.

Depending on the investor, some of these may be more important than others.

Or possibly these potential benefits may actually not entice an investors to choose ETFs over open-end index mutual funds. I write, you decide.

Let us begin with potential trading advantages.

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The Advantages of Mutual Funds

On 09/16/2010, in Mutual Funds, by Jordan Wilson

There are many excellent reasons to invest in mutual funds.

I believe open-ended mutual funds and exchange traded funds should be the cornerstone of most investors’ portfolios.

This is especially true for young investors. Those starting out, with limited wealth.

So what are the advantages of investing in mutual funds?

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Cash and Cash Equivalents

On 07/12/2010, in Cash, by Jordan Wilson

We shall start our look at the different asset classes this week.

I do not intend to go too deeply into many of the assets themselves. There are plenty of good definitions on the internet or in textbooks.

Rather, I want to look at the asset classes from an investing perspective.

How liquid are the assets? What are their risk and return profiles? What other factors impact their performance? How should you consider their suitability in your investment portfolio?

Today we will review Cash and Cash Equivalents (CCE).

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Investor Constraints

On 07/09/2010, in Investor Profiles, by Jordan Wilson

Individuals often consider their goals and objectives when investing, but they often fail to focus on their personal constraints.

However, investor constraints require equal consideration as they play a substantial role in one’s investment strategy.

Constraints are limitations or restrictions that are specific to each person. Some may be common to many people, others may be unique to that one individual.

Today we shall look at a few.

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