In Learning Real Job Skills in School?, I pointed out disconnects between the university experience and the real world.

University students (and often the administration) are not thrilled with professors who challenge students, force them to contribute in class, make them work in groups, complete assignments on time, etc.

However, in the actual business world, everything is different.

This leads to a skills gap between what employers want and what schools produce. 

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At times I have my doubts.

Sure, you need to learn accounting skills if you want to become an accountant. Or know how to trade derivatives if you wish to become a securities trader.

But to become truly successful, you need to master the softer skills. And from what I have seen in my educational days and my career, not too mention what I read every so often in the press, you do not learn these crucial skills in school.

For example, 

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Introverted? You Can Still Be a Leader

On 12/02/2009, in Career, Staff Management, by Jordan Wilson

Sometimes it seems that extroverts have an advantage over introverts in leadership roles. Extroverts are energized in the company of others. Friendly, outgoing, and liking to think as they talk, extroverts often come across as leaders. Introverts are the opposite. Reserved, introspective, and preferring to think rather than talk, introverts may seem to lack natural leadership skills. Because of this, introverts, who constitute between 25% and 40% of the population, may believe they are at a disadvantage in rising to leadership positions.

An article at may provide hope for introverts wanting a shot at the corner office. Ignoring the political editorializing on Barack Obama – if you want to be a political writer, then write about politics – the author makes some interesting points.

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