Emotional Investing Decisions

On 01/19/2012, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

Investing based on emotions or instincts is a difficult issue.

So challenging that an entire field, Behavioural Finance, examines how investor psychology and emotions affect investment decisions.

Recently I read an article where the author believes that financial planners prefer clients with little investment knowledge. That way, it is easier to sell them whatever you want.

Yes, there are financial planners, brokers, etc., that operate this way. But in my experience, good financial planners would rather deal with well-educated investors.

And often the reason relates directly to emotional investing. 

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Advantages of a Buy and Hold Strategy

On 03/30/2011, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

There are advantages and disadvantages to the buy and hold investment strategy.

I will review both sides of the argument. Then you can decide for yourself if buy and hold is right for you.

Subsequently, I will outline some tweaks to the strategy that hopefully build on the buy and hold’s strengths and address its legitimate concerns.

Today we will review the benefits of buy and hold.  

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