In a prior post, “Investment Ideas Come From Everywhere”, we looked at how potential investments can be found pretty much anywhere.

But at the U-haul shop?  

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Investment Ideas Come From Everywhere

On 12/07/2009, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

Smart investors find clues for making profitable investments in all sorts of places.

You do not just find good investments by reading the financial pages or watching the business channels. You can uncover investments at work, when shopping, on vacation, or in even stranger places.

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Invest Like Warren Buffett

On 12/06/2009, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

Want to mimic the value investing style of famed investor, Warren Buffett?

This Globe and Mail article examines how to invest like Mr. Buffett.

The article references Validea, a company that allows you to track model portfolios each based on the philosophy of a different investment guru. Not interested in Warren Buffett? There is always Peter Lynch, Martin Zweig, and others to emulate. Subscription cost is a little rich for my taste, but I think it is a creative concept.

As for mirroring Warren Buffett’s moves, replicating his style may not be that simple.

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Simplify Your Investment Life

On 12/04/2009, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

Christine Benz wrote a good article, “Seven Ways to Simplify Your Investment Life.” It is well worth a read. I have added a few thoughts below to flesh out some points she makes in the article.

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The Ontario Securities Commission established the Investor Education Fund to provide investors with “tools and information that you need to make better financial and investing decisions.” The website provides a multitude of information for improving your investment skills. I suggest you take a look at the site to get some ideas for your own financial planning. Over the next few weeks, I will provide commentary on a few of the articles.

I like ideas like this for young adults. While I do not bank with Royal Bank of Canada, this is an interesting concept for RBC Direct clients. You get $100,000 in either play money (or possibly Zimbabwe dollars – I would choose the play money myself) and you can invest for fun. It is a good forum to learn more about investing, put your own investment theories into practice, and then actually pull the trigger on trades (maybe the toughest part emotionally of investing is the actual buying and selling, then watching your stock immediately take off in the other direction).

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