50 Common Interview Questions

On 03/15/2013, in Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

The key to getting a job offer is to excel during the interview phases.

That means being prepared.

You need to research the industry, company, position, even your potential bosses. You also should consider and prepare for likely interview questions you will face.

Some of the most common interview questions, include: 

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Facebook and a New Job

On 03/20/2012, in Career, Finding a Job, Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

Interesting article this morning.

It seems some companies ask job applicants for their Facebook passwords during interviews.

My brother-in-law just keeled over. My nephew may never get a job now. He felt slightly better when I reminded him his son has little chance of getting hired regardless.

But this another cautionary tale for those using social media and the internet

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Make the Most of Your Job Interview

On 01/22/2012, in Finding a Job, Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

Many applicants for the same job share the same traits.

Similar education, technical skills, and experience.

Makes sense seeing as how applicants respond to a well-defined job advertisement. 

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10 Tips For Getting Hired

On 01/13/2012, in Finding a Job, Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

In today’s competitive job market, applicants look for every possible edge in their job hunt.

Many job applicants possess similar education, skills, and experience. So you need to separate yourself from the pack.

The question is how.

Courtesy of a former Google hiring manager, some good advice on getting the job offer.  

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Tell Me About Yourself

On 09/28/2011, in Finding a Job, Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

In Things Hiring Managers Will Not Tell You, we discussed a few tips on how to prepare for a job interview.

One piece of advice concerned how interviewers like to intentionally make interviewees uncomfortable by asking unusual questions.

Today we will quickly review some of the favourite questions posed by interviewers.  

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Summer Job Interview Questions

On 06/03/2011, in Career, Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

Interviewing for a summer job is slightly different than a full-time position.

The reasons are two-fold.

One, the summer applicant has less experience and skills than most full-time employees. The job is to develop some relevant experience and earn a little cash to pay tuition.

Two, the company is looking for a junior employee to assist with summer work. The skills required are typically not extensive and if the company errs in their selection the ramifications are not significant.

As a result, the interview process for a summer position tends to be fairly generic.

Today we will look at some considerations for students preparing for interviews. 

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