That is the view of one of my favourite investment commentators, Marc Faber.

Of course, Marc Faber is known as “Dr. Doom” so I expect a pessimistic stance from him.

Mr. Faber describes why investor wealth destruction may lie ahead. 

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Occupy AARP?

On 03/19/2012, in Economics, Personal Finance, by Jordan Wilson

In the United States, and other countries, Occupy Wall Street (and other places) were all the rage last summer. Now that the snow is departing, it will be interesting to see if the Occupy protests return to all the (formerly) public places.

The various Occupy movements primarily target capitalism. Quite ironic when you watch the protesters in their Nike clothing, using multiple Apple products. But expected when you see the financial backing and support of the unions. 

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Priorities of Government Bureaucrats

On 11/21/2011, in Economics, by Jordan Wilson

If a private business was managed like most countries, it would quickly go bankrupt.

The bureaucrats running government would soon destroy most companies. Their actions always seem to make government less effective and less efficient.

In business, the focus for well run companies is on the key issues. 

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Fiscal Lessons From Europe’s Crisis

On 11/19/2011, in Economics, by Jordan Wilson

A lot may be learned by studying the current fiscal crisis in Europe.

What policies caused today’s fiscal and economic situation in Europe?

What behaviour exacerbated the problem?

What can others learn so as to avoid getting into the same difficulties? 

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Europe and the Euro Crisis

On 11/07/2011, in Economics, by Jordan Wilson

Europe continues to go through its latest financial crisis.

What has gone on and what will happen in the future?

Well, if we knew for certainty what the outcome will be, we would all be billionaires. Or, at the least, we might be running MF Global instead of Jon Corzine and they would not be in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings today.

But we can go through a summary of what went on and where we are at today in Europe. 

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