Milton Friedman on Capitalism

On 02/10/2012, in Economics, by Jordan Wilson

Last week we saw Why Socialism Does Not Work in the real world.

This week, a quick look at capitalism courtesy of Milton Friedman.

Or, as Phil Donahue thinks of it, greed. 

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What is Wrong with Greed?

On 04/12/2010, in Career, by Jordan Wilson

Most of you attend school in the hopes of landing a well paying job with upward mobility.

Many of you will incur significant debt and work your butts off over multiple years to get through school. Then you will endure many more years of hard work and late nights in climbing the corporate ladder.

Goldman Sachs has 32,500 employees, yet there is only one CEO. The bulk of employees will not make it to a point where the rewards greatly exceed the cost. For those that do, the journey is difficult and, I believe, usually well-deserved.

Is there anything wrong with this?

Three thoughts for you to consider.

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