A well diversified investment portfolio is a key requirement for long-term investing success.

Diversification is important. But sometimes too much diversification can negatively impact portfolio performance. It can be a fine line in getting it right.

Today, a look at indications your portfolio is overly diversified. 

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Top 10 Best Things About Mutual Funds

On 02/03/2012, in Mutual Funds, by Jordan Wilson

Started reading Morningstar’s “Fund Spy” last night.

A gift from the nice folks at Morningstar, so thanks.

In it, Morningstar produces a chart with the top 10 best things about mutual funds.

An interesting list. 

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Previously I have written about potential problems in diversifying one’s portfolio with funds.

The Wall Street Journal nicely illustrates three common concerns in an article today.

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Mutual Fund Holdings and Diversification

On 10/05/2010, in Mutual Funds, by Jordan Wilson

Investors like mutual funds because they are a simple way to diversify one’s portfolio on a cost-effective basis.

When investing in funds, individuals need to ensure that they are truly diversifying. Often investors think they are diversifying, but in actuality they are not doing an effective job.

Today, we will take a look at ways to ensure you properly diversify.

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