Cover Letters Are Still Important

On 02/17/2012, in Cover Letters & Resumes, by Jordan Wilson

Some people believe that cover letters are irrelevant in finding a job.

I disagree.

Used properly, a cover letter can improve the probability of landing an interview. 

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Terrible Cover Letters

On 02/16/2012, in Cover Letters & Resumes, by Jordan Wilson

Last week a cover letter from a JPMorgan job applicant went viral due to its sheer …

Is awfulness a word?

I did not intend to comment on the cover letter as it seemed to be everywhere. Then my nephew sent me one of his cover letters for feedback and, for some strange reason, the JPMorgan cover letter kept flashing in my mind.

Sadly, a true story. 

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No More Resumes?

On 02/07/2012, in Cover Letters & Resumes, Finding a Job, by Jordan Wilson

Is the resume, or curriculum vitae (CV), and cover letter becoming obsolete?

It seems some firms are using other methods to assess job applicants.

This shift in the hiring process is interesting in a few ways. 

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Make the Most of Your Job Interview

On 01/22/2012, in Finding a Job, Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

Many applicants for the same job share the same traits.

Similar education, technical skills, and experience.

Makes sense seeing as how applicants respond to a well-defined job advertisement. 

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10 Tips For Getting Hired

On 01/13/2012, in Finding a Job, Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

In today’s competitive job market, applicants look for every possible edge in their job hunt.

Many job applicants possess similar education, skills, and experience. So you need to separate yourself from the pack.

The question is how.

Courtesy of a former Google hiring manager, some good advice on getting the job offer.  

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Networking is a great way to develop business contacts. Something that is good for business development, finding competent suppliers and support, as well as helping to find a new job.

So the ability to properly network is definitely a skill worth strengthening.

What are the keys to good networking? 

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Student Grades and Getting Hired

On 11/13/2011, in Career, Finding a Job, by Jordan Wilson

When hiring staff, I do not put much emphasis on student grades as a predictor of job success.

Sure I pay attention to the outliers. Those in the top and bottom 5%. But even then I do not make a large connection with their potential employment capabilities.

Having dealt with managers from around the globe, almost all my peers share this view when assessing job candidates.

But if we care little about grade point average, what is important? 

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In Learning Real Job Skills in School?, I pointed out disconnects between the university experience and the real world.

University students (and often the administration) are not thrilled with professors who challenge students, force them to contribute in class, make them work in groups, complete assignments on time, etc.

However, in the actual business world, everything is different.

This leads to a skills gap between what employers want and what schools produce. 

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Basic Job Interview Dos and Don’ts

On 10/04/2011, in Finding a Job, Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

Incredibly, many job candidates make basic mistakes when attending interviews.

Part of the problem may be that people do not go through the interview process often.

Regardless of whether you interview once every decade or once every week, there is no excuse for not putting your best foot forward.

Today, a little advice from Investopedia on the dos and don’ts of interviews. 

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Tell Me About Yourself

On 09/28/2011, in Finding a Job, Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

In Things Hiring Managers Will Not Tell You, we discussed a few tips on how to prepare for a job interview.

One piece of advice concerned how interviewers like to intentionally make interviewees uncomfortable by asking unusual questions.

Today we will quickly review some of the favourite questions posed by interviewers.  

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