We looked at “How Investors Use ETFs”.

Today we consider how financial advisors use exchange traded funds (ETFs) in their business. 

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HighTower Advisors has created a great video comparing investment brokers with fiduciaries.

A broker is someone who takes a fee in exchange for executing a transaction. They provide a service in return for compensation. For the most part, a broker is not a fiduciary. However, brokers – depending on where they reside, professional qualifications, company, regulatory oversight, etc. – may have certain duties of care to their clients.

A fiduciary is someone with a legal duty of care to the client. It is more than simply executing transactions. More as if the fiduciary steps into your shoes to try and best meet your needs.

It is an important distinction. Make certain that you always know whether you are dealing with a fiduciary or not. I am not saying never to deal with a non-fiduciary. Only that you know the difference between the two. And, if appropriate, take steps to safeguard your best interests over those of your representative (agent, banker, broker, financial planner, etc.).

Now to the HighTower video. 

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Many readers are a long ways away from retirement.

Messing up on retirement is not yet on one’s radar.

But it should be.

And the sooner you realize how people mess up retirement, the easier it is to avoid problems. 

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Assessing Potential Financial Advisors

On 12/24/2010, in Financial Advisors, by Jordan Wilson

Whether you opt for a commission or fee based financial advisor, you want to find the best possible. A highly competent person who is suited to cover your unique needs.

As in any type of business, there can be significant differences between advisors. In quality, service level, and personality.

Here are a few thoughts on finding the right advisor for your needs.

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Fee Based Financial Advisors

On 12/22/2010, in Financial Advisors, by Jordan Wilson

In contrast with commission based financial advisors are the fee only advisors.

Today we will look at the pros and cons of this group.

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