If you are in a specific business, it might be a good idea to actually perform said business.

Most businesses have “mission statements”, “corporate visions”, formal “business models” and plans, or even written “value propositions”. These tightly crafted statements tell themselves and the world what it is they do. Or want to achieve.

I like business plans, but shudder seeing “mission statements”, “corporate visions”, and “value propositions”. Why?

If most companies put as much effort into customer service as developing airy-fairy, feel-good statements, business would be good. But typically they do not.

And usually world domination is involved. No, I am serious.

Case in point. 

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Be a Kick-Butt Entrepreneur

On 01/20/2012, in Business, Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

Many readers aspire to become successful entrepreneurs.

Most never take the chance.

“I do not have a great business idea.” “I am not a high-tech person like Steve Jobs and those are the only areas for young entrepreneurs.” “I do not have the money to launch a new venture.””I have too much on my plate to find time to start a new business.””I have no experience running a small business.”

There are tons of reasons why would-be entrepreneurs never actually become small business owners. So it is always good to read examples of how people in the same shoes as you (or worse off), managed to succeed. 

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Business Product and Process Names

On 01/11/2012, in Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

Care must be used when choosing a business name.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners must create strong names that enhance the firm’s business prospects. The names must also be legal.

The same rules apply to product names and business processes. 

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More on Business Names

On 01/09/2012, in Business, Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

In Naming Your Business, we reviewed eight rules for creating an effective name for your small business.

Excellent advice for aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Today I want to briefly discuss another important part in naming your business. 

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Naming Your Business

On 01/08/2012, in Business, Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

Many people want to become entrepreneurs and start a small business.

One key issue is choosing a business name.

There are a variety of options in designing a name. 

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EU Innovation Conference 2011

On 01/04/2012, in Economics, Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

Michael O’Leary gave an interesting talk at the 2011 European Union (EU) Innovation Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Michael O’Leary is Chief Executive Officer of Ryanair, a discount airline based in Ireland.

Neither O’Leary nor Ryanair are overly popular with Eurocrats. The talk given by Mr. O’Leary explains why neither are appreciated with the elite of Europe. As well as why Mr. O’Leary is no fan of Brussels.

Some of the key points made include: 

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Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

On 12/21/2011, in Business, Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

Many people think about becoming entrepreneurs.

A potentially rewarding life, but running a small business is hard work.

Entrepreneurs must be focussed and plan thoroughly if they wish to succeed.

Young entrepreneurs should also try to emulate successful small business owners and innovators. What works for them and the lessons they have learned.

Today we discuss specific tips for entrepreneurial success. 

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Want to Become an Entrepreneur?

On 12/20/2011, in Business, Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

Many individuals want to become entrepreneurs and/or run their own small business.

The idea of not having to (figuratively) punch a clock each day and put up with an idiot boss is an attractive concept.

Plus with tough economic conditions in much of the world, jobs are scarce. Owning a business may be one of the few options you have to generate income.

But running a small business is not the easiest endeavour. 

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An Interesting Business Model

On 12/13/2011, in Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

Well, “interesting” as in “how not to succeed in business”.

In my personal life and professional career, I have dealt with numerous financial institutions. Some good, some less so.

But one bank I currently deal with has an “interesting” business model. 

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Things Top Entrepreneurs Do Differently

On 07/28/2011, in Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

Courtesy of an Ernst & Young business survey, Ten Things Top Entrepreneurs Do Differently.

As someone who has been an entrepreneur and started new businesses, much of the list makes sense. But I would add a few additional comments. 

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