I stated in “Will You Need to Work Until 70?” that ever increasing levels of government debt may cause problems for those expecting pension benefits from public sector employment.

I read an article today that reinforces my view. 

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Are You Saving Too Much?

On 12/08/2011, in Financial Advisors, Investment Concepts, by Jordan Wilson

I read an article entitled, “Are You Saving Too Much for Retirement?”

I think it is a good article to discuss. No, the article itself is not good. Far from it. Rather this type of article is good to discuss. A big difference. 

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Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?

On 02/23/2011, in Personal Finance, by Jordan Wilson

If you are approaching retirement age, do you have enough capital to retire comfortably?

Or, if you are many years from retirement, do you have a proper investment plan in place? One that will ensure you have adequate retirement funds down the road?

In fact, many people about to retire do not have enough capital saved.

So this is a crucial issue for both older and younger investors.

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