Financial Tips for College Graduates

On 05/28/2013, in Cash Management, by Jordan Wilson

U.S. News offers 10 financial tips for young adults.

Actually, financial advice for anyone starting out in the work world. Or even for those who have been working for awhile and now want to begin investing.

Good advice. A few comments from my side. 

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Risk-Averse Young Investors

On 02/18/2011, in Uncategorized, by Jordan Wilson

Just watched an excellent little video.

Excellent for two reasons.

One, it agreed with some of my recent comments on asset allocations.

Two, I have better hair than the Bank of America representative. A rare feat these days.

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Investor Constraints

On 07/09/2010, in Investor Profiles, by Jordan Wilson

Individuals often consider their goals and objectives when investing, but they often fail to focus on their personal constraints.

However, investor constraints require equal consideration as they play a substantial role in one’s investment strategy.

Constraints are limitations or restrictions that are specific to each person. Some may be common to many people, others may be unique to that one individual.

Today we shall look at a few.

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Investor Objectives

On 07/07/2010, in Investor Profiles, by Jordan Wilson

Previously we considered how one’s risk tolerance and the phase in one’s life cycle should impact each individual’s investment strategy.

It is also very important to assess your unique investment objectives and constraints.

Today we will look at one’s investment objectives.

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