If you are in a specific business, it might be a good idea to actually perform said business.

Most businesses have “mission statements”, “corporate visions”, formal “business models” and plans, or even written “value propositions”. These tightly crafted statements tell themselves and the world what it is they do. Or want to achieve.

I like business plans, but shudder seeing “mission statements”, “corporate visions”, and “value propositions”. Why?

If most companies put as much effort into customer service as developing airy-fairy, feel-good statements, business would be good. But typically they do not.

And usually world domination is involved. No, I am serious.

Case in point. 

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Try Not To Annoy Your Customers

On 06/13/2012, in Business, Marketing, by Jordan Wilson

Customer satisfaction is important for a company to succeed. The happier the customer, the better of chance of improving sales and profitability.

A well known adage in business.

But I will take it a step back in today’s world.

Start by just trying not to intentionally annoy your customers. 

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An Interesting Business Model

On 12/13/2011, in Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

Well, “interesting” as in “how not to succeed in business”.

In my personal life and professional career, I have dealt with numerous financial institutions. Some good, some less so.

But one bank I currently deal with has an “interesting” business model. 

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(In)Competence in Business

On 01/24/2011, in Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

I do not expect perfection in business dealings (although I hope for it).

But I do expect that my staff, colleagues, and business associates are competent. That is, they can perform their functions within the minimum standards for their specific function.

If I am dealing with a person trying to sell me a product or service, I am even more demanding that they exhibit basic competence.

Sadly, this basic proficiency is often lacking.

For example:

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Lessons From a Street Vendor Part III

On 03/15/2010, in Career, Entrepreneurship, by Jordan Wilson

Today marks the end of the street vendor.

If you have not yet read Part I and Part II, I suggest you do so before going on.

Okay, let’s look at the final gem from Mr. Wang.

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