Terrible Cover Letters

On 02/16/2012, in Cover Letters & Resumes, by Jordan Wilson

Last week a cover letter from a JPMorgan job applicant went viral due to its sheer …

Is awfulness a word?

I did not intend to comment on the cover letter as it seemed to be everywhere. Then my nephew sent me one of his cover letters for feedback and, for some strange reason, the JPMorgan cover letter kept flashing in my mind.

Sadly, a true story. 

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No More Resumes?

On 02/07/2012, in Cover Letters & Resumes, Finding a Job, by Jordan Wilson

Is the resume, or curriculum vitae (CV), and cover letter becoming obsolete?

It seems some firms are using other methods to assess job applicants.

This shift in the hiring process is interesting in a few ways. 

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Make the Most of Your Job Interview

On 01/22/2012, in Finding a Job, Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

Many applicants for the same job share the same traits.

Similar education, technical skills, and experience.

Makes sense seeing as how applicants respond to a well-defined job advertisement. 

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Basic Job Interview Dos and Don’ts

On 10/04/2011, in Finding a Job, Interviewing, by Jordan Wilson

Incredibly, many job candidates make basic mistakes when attending interviews.

Part of the problem may be that people do not go through the interview process often.

Regardless of whether you interview once every decade or once every week, there is no excuse for not putting your best foot forward.

Today, a little advice from Investopedia on the dos and don’ts of interviews. 

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Many readers may be entering the work force for the first time in the coming months.

Or possibly they have a job now but are looking for a new opportunity.

Recently, I was reading a good article on things you should know during your interview, but probably do not. 

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Fun Ways to Enhance Your Resume

On 04/29/2010, in Career, Informal Education, by Jordan Wilson

Charles Purdy offers ways to strengthen your resume and have some fun at the same time.

A few of the items I have suggested in previous posts. Please see here, here, and here for my thoughts on extracurricular activities and their impact on job prospects.

Regardless of any specific suggestion made by Mr. Purdy, they all share common traits:

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The Key to Getting a Job Offer

On 03/25/2010, in Finding a Job, by Jordan Wilson

Receiving a job offer comes down to only one critical factor.

It is the same regardless of the position. And is equally applicable for those just entering the job market as to those with 20 years work experience.

Yes, you need the requisite skills and experience for the job to which you apply. And yes, there may be better qualified candidates who beat you out for the opening.

But if you do not do the following, forget about ever getting a job offer.

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How Not to Get a Job

On 02/04/2010, in Cover Letters & Resumes, Email, by Jordan Wilson

A cautionary tale on how not to get a job.

Read it for both a laugh and a few lessons on job hunting.  

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