What Your Boss Wishes You Knew

On 06/20/2013, in Career, Finding a Job, Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

Make your boss happy and your chances for promotions, pay raises, and bonuses improve.

Make your boss unhappy and your career will be “nasty, brutish, and short.” To steal from that eternal optimist, Thomas Hobbes.

Today, some quick tips on how to make your boss happy. 

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Resume Strategies to Get You Hired

On 02/27/2013, in Cover Letters & Resumes, by Jordan Wilson

Resume strategies that will help you get hired.

Always good to know.

So what are a few resume keys to get a job offer? 

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I want to link to a few articles on job hunting and resumes.

I hate their slide-show format, but there are a few useful points in the articles that those seeking employment should consider. 

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Creating a tight, attractive resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is important in landing a job.

In today’s world, there is usually tons of competition for open positions. Most job candidates have very similar backgrounds. With (say) 300 applicants vying for 10 interviews, you need to make a strong impression with your CV or resume.

I shared some of my thoughts in “How to Write the Perfect Resume – Part I.” Part II follows:

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Career Fairs and Networking

On 01/31/2013, in Career, by Jordan Wilson

This week, I represented the provincial CFA Society at the local University’s Business School Career Fair and Networking Event.

I was most pleasantly surprised by the high quality of students I met. Of course, after dealing with my nephew – a recent graduate of said school – over the years, the hurdle bar was awfully low.

Just wanted to pass on a few thoughts.

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A very important question. How does one write that perfect resume?

It depends on who you ask. In my experience, what one manager likes, the next detests.

There are things I like, but for the most part there is nothing I crave seeing. I do have a few pet peeves though that will impact your ability to advance on to an interview. Over the next while, we will consider my idiosyncrasies and recommended resume approach.

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Creating a Master Resume

On 01/26/2013, in Cover Letters & Resumes, by Jordan Wilson

I plan to spend the next few posts discussing how to create a strong resume or curriculum vitae.

I tend to use resume and curriculum vitae (CV) interchangeably, so please indulge me.

There are many ways to create a great resume, but I want to offer my advice on my recommended method. Over time, it will strengthen your CV and marketability.

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Your Parents and Your Job Hunt

On 03/04/2012, in Career, Finding a Job, Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

Sometimes you read something and pray it is satire. But you know it is not.

Today it is a story on how parents help their children in finding a job.

When I say “children”, I mean adults. Those in their 20s.

And when I say “help” with the job hunt, I mean … 

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Tips to Improve Your Cover Letters

On 02/19/2012, in Cover Letters & Resumes, by Jordan Wilson

We saw in “Cover Letters Are Still Important” that cover letters are very useful in securing a job. In fact, 80% of hiring managers find value in reviewing job applicant cover letters.

So how can you improve your next cover letter? 

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Cover Letters Are Still Important

On 02/17/2012, in Cover Letters & Resumes, by Jordan Wilson

Some people believe that cover letters are irrelevant in finding a job.

I disagree.

Used properly, a cover letter can improve the probability of landing an interview. 

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