Financial Advice for Younger Adults

On 04/03/2013, in Cash Management, by Jordan Wilson

The New York Times offers some “Financial Tips for Younger People”.

Not bad financial advice for young investors. Worth a read.

Key points offered: 

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Money Tips for Young Adults

On 05/21/2012, in Asset Protection, Cash Management, by Jordan Wilson

In my post, Money Lessons From One’s Twenties, we saw some financial mistakes made by S.L. Bathgate while in her twenties. We also saw how these errors impacted her later life. And how she is trying to get back on course to better cash management and wealth accumulation.

Ms. Bathgate has a decent plan to strengthen her fortunes.

But if I was advising Ms. Bathgate, I have a few suggestion to improve on her stated plan. 

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If only. If only I knew then what I know now. Or at least what I think I know now.

A concept anyone over the age of thirty understands very well. Okay, maybe forty.

“If only I had this wealth management advice when I was twenty, rather than learning painful lessons for the next decade or two.”

That is the tale of one woman in today’s discussion. 

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You Are Not Alone

On 10/13/2009, in Cash Management, Formal Education, by Jordan Wilson

TD Ameritrade surveyed teenagers (14-19) and adults (20-59) on certain savings/spending patterns. Saving for post secondary education is the primary goal for teens today. 62% of teens stated that they save money to pay for this as opposed to only 40% of the adults when they were young.

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Simplify your Finances.

On 10/07/2009, in Cash Management, by Jordan Wilson

20 moves to simplify your finances is an example of a common sense article. It has some very good points and a few I differ slightly on, but definitely worth reading.

I fully agree on scanning important documents to cd. Many people already back up their files to an external hard drive and think that is sufficient. They are aware of the threat of theft and take precautions to some extent. All good.

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