Fixed Income Key Terms

On 07/14/2010, in Fixed Income, by Jordan Wilson

We will start our review of fixed income securities today.

As there are some good things to know, we shall break it down into a few posts.

First, I want to quickly review a few key terms that relate to fixed income. If you can understand a little of the terminology, it will make the whole area easier to follow.

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Cash and Cash Equivalents

On 07/12/2010, in Cash, by Jordan Wilson

We shall start our look at the different asset classes this week.

I do not intend to go too deeply into many of the assets themselves. There are plenty of good definitions on the internet or in textbooks.

Rather, I want to look at the asset classes from an investing perspective.

How liquid are the assets? What are their risk and return profiles? What other factors impact their performance? How should you consider their suitability in your investment portfolio?

Today we will review Cash and Cash Equivalents (CCE).

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