Types of Stock Traders

On 06/14/2013, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

Investors come in all shapes and sizes.

There are also a multitude of ways to trade investments.

Today a brief look at the various types of traders. 

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Are Investors Driven to Trade?

On 07/26/2012, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

I like a general buy and hold philosophy for investing. Find solid, well-diversfied, low-cost investments (i.e., passively managed index funds), acquire by dollar cost averaging, and only adjust holdings to reflect your target asset allocation over time.

But can investors follow this model?

Or are we hard-wired to be traders? 

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Defending Buy and Hold

On 04/08/2011, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

In my last post, I listed three legitimate concerns about the buy and hold strategy.

Buy and hold will not allow for the maximum possible returns, it does not protect one’s wealth in down markets, and it does not work for short to medium holding periods.

Definitely areas to watch out for, but less of a problem than some articles state.

I will explain why below. 

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Trading Strategies

On 03/23/2011, in Investment Strategies, by Jordan Wilson

There are a variety of ways to trade investments.

On the one extreme you have the rigid buy and hold investors.

At the other end of the spectrum are the day traders.

And at various points in between are the bulk of investors.

We will quickly review each today. 

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Today we will start to look at the perceived advantages of exchange traded funds (ETFs) versus open-end index mutual funds.

Depending on the investor, some of these may be more important than others.

Or possibly these potential benefits may actually not entice an investors to choose ETFs over open-end index mutual funds. I write, you decide.

Let us begin with potential trading advantages.

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