Back at the Blogging

On 01/24/2013, in Uncategorized, by Jordan Wilson

Been a bit of a layoff from writing.

Thanks for all the emails asking if everything was okay.

I shall simply say it is always a good idea to be the one in a big SUV when a small car going 125 kmh on the highway is not paying attention.

But, as they say, what does not kill you, does not kill you.

So back at it again for 2013.

Hopefully I can offer a few useful thoughts on investing, wealth management, and career.

With my nephew now seeking full-time employment, some commentary on finding a job. And for some (no doubt, totally unrelated) reason, probably a few words on corporate marketing slogans, such as, “30 minutes or its free” and “Would you care to super-size that?”

To everyone out there, a happy 2013 and Year of the Snake. And let’s get at it.

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