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On 03/02/2012, in Career, Daily Work, Staff Management, by Jordan Wilson

Gone are corner offices and huge oak desks for employees in many innovative companies.

Instead, many companies – especially trendy, cutting edge firms – have gone in the polar opposite direction. No more staid and stuffy. Now it is fun and frivolous.


Creative Work Spaces Benefits Companies

It is thought that hip office space benefits companies. At the end of the day, companies are in business to generate sustainable long run profitability. Obviously, I exclude government and non-profit organizations from this statement.

Maybe creative work environments aid in attracting talented employees. In-house sushi bars, day-care, gyms, concierge services, etc., are interesting perks that may woo the best talent to the company.

Comfortable work spaces may make happy workers. Which translates into better productivity.

Creative offices may stimulate the creative juices of employees. And many of these innovative companies require highly creative staff. These tend not be public audit firms.

I say “may” because I am not convinced these funky work areas really improve productivity. For me, it is more about the quality of work, your bosses, and co-workers. If you work for a tyrant performing menial tasks every day, you may be just as unhappy in any office space.

Actual Creative Work Spaces

Izismile offers a look at 50 of today’s more innovative work spaces.


At 3:00 a.m. after my 12th espresso, my office probably appeared to me like a few of the linked photos.

But the reality was much less exciting. Over the years, I have had many varied work spaces.

Once I shared a 10 person basement lunchroom for an extended period with 11 Bahamians and one Trini. And the Trini made enough noise for at least another 5 workers. If not for the local food we brought in daily – peas ‘n rice, conch, Johnny Cake, coconut bread, etc. – it would have been a nightmare.

And yes, I was fibbing about the Trini being as noisy as 5 workers. It was more like 8!

On the other extreme, in Switzerland I had an office that overlooked one of the top nightclubs in Zurich, the Kaufleuten. A great place to party. But much less nice staring at people having a fantastic time while I slogged away at trust business.

Now if I could have moved my office inside the Kaufleuten, that might have made me happy.

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