Why Socialism Does Not Work

On 02/05/2012, in Economics, Formal Education, by Jordan Wilson

For many on the left of the political spectrum, socialism is a great concept.

So why does it not work in practice?

The usual leftist response is that it has just never been properly implemented.

But could it ever be? 

Today, a humorous story  demonstrating why socialism does not work in the real world.

Sadly, I have my doubts on the validity of the tale.

I know a few professors who deal daily with single students angry over grades. And faculty administration who pressure them to be sensitive to the students. I can only imagine the uproar in trying to actually fail an entire class of students.

But it is a great story.

And how it played out is definitely believable.

If you were in the class, what would you do?

Work hard in the hope (expectation?) that your fellow students would work together to succeed as a whole? Socialism in theory.

Or seeing how the first exam went, decide to join the masses and coast with the pack? Socialism in practice.

Well, actually socialism in practice might involve raiding the grades given to the professor’s other classes. Those who were not willfully part of the experiment.

Take their grades and distribute them to the less fortunate. Sounds fair to me.

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