As discussed in Saskatchewan Economic Success, natural resources are a key driver for the province’s current economic success.

Learning about Saskatchewan’s natural resources is important for many different people and for multiple reasons.

And not just for those living in Saskatchewan. Or only the natural resource sectors. 

Natural Resource Knowledge

It is useful to understand as much as possible about the industries that drive one’s economy. Government policies, market issues, etc., have a big impact on lives and wealth. Residents of Saskatchewan or people living in any region where resources are important can prosper by learning about their key industries.

If you live in an area with natural resources, there is a strong probability that you will work in one of the sectors.

Maybe you plan on becoming an accountant, lawyer, banker, investment advisor, etc. But you likely will be working for a company in industry. I would much rather hire a Controller who understands about mining issues (if I run a mining company) over one who does not.

It is also relevant for individuals who invest in any of the natural resource sectors. Not just individual investors based in Saskatchewan or Western Canada.

Not Just Natural Resources

The same logic holds if you live, work, or invest in areas that rely on tourism, forestry, computer technology, real estate, telecommunications, etc.

Learn as much as you can about that industry.

It will help you better assess economy in which you live.

It will make you a more attractive employee to current and future companies.

It will strengthen your analytical skills for investing.

It will potentially aid in investing in more exotic assets.

Prosperity Saskatchewan

I came across a relatively new blog that might help in learning more about Saskatchewan’s natural resources.

Prosperity Saskatchewan intends to provide news updates, information, and commentary on issues relating to Saskatchewan’s mining, oil, and gas sectors.

The blog is new and I do not know the blogger, Eric Anderson.

I cannot say right now if Eric’s content will be beneficial or not. I hope that it is and I intend to monitor his site over time. Once I get a representative sample of content, I will report back as to the usefulness of his posts.

Being optimistic, I am providing the link now and hope you will check it out for yourself.

As blogging is not always the easiest of tasks, I wish Eric all the best in his endeavour.

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