(Un) Democracy in Europe

Another huge problem facing Europeans (what, they don’t have enough going for them with the Euro, fiscal crisis, high unemployment, etc.?) is the loss of democracy taking place.

I think in the long run that the loss of democracy may have the greatest impact on individuals. And will become a highly contentious issue.

Consider what happened in Greece

The Greek people, for better or worse, elected specific politicians to run their country. During the latest crisis, Prime Minister George Papandreou sought a referendum by the Greek people on proposed action. The European Union (EU), led by Germany and France not the Greek people, said no that will not stand. The EU was also not keen on new Greek elections. So they forced out Papandreou and replaced him with an unelected technocrat, Lucas Papademos. Papademos is now running a technocratic government.

Whether this is good or bad is beside the point. The EU has come into an independent nation and conducted a coup. Not democracy in action.

Now what about Italy. Pretty much the same thing happened to Italy as did Greece.

Once again the EU forced change in Italy and replaced an elected government with a group of technocrats.

Who is next?

Spain just had elections this week. Spaniards evicted the ruling Socialists and replaced them with the more conservative Popular Party. Ah, Spaniards electing Spanish governments. How quaint. Finally democracy in action.

But I wonder just how much patience the EU will have with the new government. If the incoming Spanish government does not quickly acquiesce to EU reform demands, how long will it be before Germany and France demand unelected technocrats to run Spain?

Democracy replaced by technocracy?

If that continues to occur the world will be on a very slippery slope.

For a nice summary of what is going on, this short video makes a fun watch.