200 Years of Progress

On 12/08/2010, in Economics, by Jordan Wilson

The BBC has produced an extremely interesting video on the evolution of global prosperity over the last 200 years.

Prosperity being measured by both increases in life expectancy and personal wealth.

As a capitalist, I see it as a testament as to how technological progress can greatly improve one’s quality of life.

But I expect the more socialist readers will also find tidbits to support their worldview.

Besides being interesting, information of this sort can provide clues for investors.

What are the trends over time? Which countries are more prosperous? Which have room for improvement? How does war, disease, and other crises impact prosperity? Are individual countries homogeneous or can there be significant disparities within?

Answering these type of questions can help one assess investing opportunities.

For example, people in wealthier countries will have greater disposable income. That means increased spending on non-necessities. Investing in the luxury goods or leisure and entertainment industries in wealthier countries might be better than in less wealthy ones.

Similarly, health care and retirement related investments might prove more lucrative in countries with longer living inhabitants.

To be successful in investing, always study the data and trends.

Then determine how you can profit from them.

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