Bill Gates on the Future of Education

On 08/10/2010, in Formal Education, by Jordan Wilson

Bill Gates provides a few thoughts on the future of education.

I think he makes some good points.

As you can tell from my own posts on education, I appreciate his views.

I believe employers are more concerned with what you actually know (and can do) as opposed to where you went to school. If you can get the requisite skills through the internet or local education centers, that is what matters.

As I have pointed out previously, some schools and individuals are already “teaching” via the internet. As well, institutions such as the University of Phoenix offer online degrees and have over 200 campus locations or learning centers for US students wishing to study in person.

I also believe that more companies will incorporate advanced learning into their internal training packages. This can be a win-win for both employer and employee.

The employer can ensure a consistent and high quality educational environment that will provide well-trained staff.

Employees will receive a good education, paid for, in whole or in part, by the company. This will prevent students having to incur substantial debt loads when they enter the work force.

This is the beauty of the free enterprise system.

As traditional education becomes too costly for students, individuals and companies begin to identify a business opportunity to provide more cost effective learning channels. We are already seeing a shift in education. And, as costs continue to rise, I expect to see other innovative methods developed to educate and train people.

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