No Summer Job?

On 07/22/2010, in Entrepreneurship, Finding a Job, Informal Education, by Jordan Wilson

Every summer it seems to be harder for students to find temporary employment.

This article from looks at one poor girl’s situation.

Given the statistics cited in the article, 25.7% of teens in the US are unemployed this June, many readers of this blog may be in a similar strait.

I realize not having a job hurts your pocketbook.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you there.

Being unemployed also weakens your ability to add valuable experience on your resume.

Fortunately, here I can make a few suggestions.

In the article, the young lady cannot find summer employment. She

spends most of her day at home, watching television or baking. Bored, she has started running, she says, “just to get out of the house.”  Occasionally, she baby-sits for pocket money.

To me, that is a big mistake.

There are a variety of better things she could do with her time to improve the odds of landing a job in the future. None of them require much of an investment, outside of time. And that she has a lot of at the moment.

Be an Entrepreneur

No one says that you need to work for someone else. Start your own summer business.

Look for ideas that require little or no monetary cost. That way, if the venture is not successful, you avoid losing money as well as time.

If you can incorporate a business that involves something that you enjoy, a hobby for example, then you can have some fun as you work. It does not need to be a complex enterprise. Selling hand-made arts and crafts in local markets or over the internet is one possibility. For additional motivation, please review a previous post on Inspiration for Young Entrepreneurs.

By starting your own business, you might be successful and make enough money not to worry about summer employment again.

Whether or not you do, you will learn valuable lessons on starting and managing a business.

It will also show potential employers that you have initiative, courage, and strong work ethic necessary to create a business venture.

All of these traits will reflect very well on you when future employers review your resume.


You have the time, why not volunteer your services?

You can find a needy cause and help it out. You will fill your day and get some personal satisfaction from your efforts.

Or, you can attempt to find an opportunity within your intended career path.

If you want to be a teacher, volunteer to work with kids for the summer through your local parks departments or libraries. If you want to be involved in the world of politics, you could assist in someone’s political campaign. If you wish to enter the trades, you could volunteer with Habitat for Humanities and help build homes for the needy.

There will be a range of options where you live. Start googling to see what is available.

Whether adding work experience, developing skills, or just donating your time to a worthy cause, it will also look great on the resume.

Enhance Your Own Skills

As I have pointed out before, there are many, many ways to strengthen your skill sets so as to enhance your chances of landing that next open job.

You can learn new technical skills by taking an on-line course or self study. Some cost money, but others may be free. I have previously written on free options via M.I.T. or YouTube.

As you know, I am a big proponent of learning languages. I make my case here and here.

If you have the money, going abroad to a language school is an excellent use of one’s time. The cost is reasonable as you usually stay with a host family. You learn a lot of the language in a short time. And you get to experience the culture and lifestyle of another country.

If you do not have the money, you can always study via your computer. For every language, there are many low cost courses that can get your started on the basics.

Any or all of the above will fill your summer days better than Oprah or a batch of muffins.

They will also enhance your resume and that will serve to improve your chances of landing a job offer.

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