Attention to Relevant Detail

On 06/17/2010, in Professionalism, by Jordan Wilson

An interesting piece of advice for students preparing to enter law school.

I would suggest that it is equally true for any aspiring professional.

The key point is to pay “attention to relevant detail.”

First, you need to learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff. That is, learn which are the important details and which are the worthless. It may sound simple, but it can be tough to achieve.

Many professionals, old and young, do a poor job of identifying the relevant facts or tasks. As a result, much time is wasted and faulty conclusions are reached.

Second, once you determine the key details, focus exclusively on them. Prioritize and address the relevant matters first. You will make better decisions and find your time management skills improve.

When I say focus, I mean focus. As is said, the “devil is in the details”. In any business, the details are critical. In contracts, wording can make or break a deal. In finance or accounting, an incorrect decimal place can wreak havoc.

In my life, I have seen many problems arise due to incorrect, sloppy, or ambiguous wording or calculations. In one instance, a faulty comma enabled a legal challenge to move forth.

Learn to get the details right and you will have less problems in life.

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