Interested in Learning About Investing?

On 05/01/2010, in Learning to Invest, by Jordan Wilson

Starting in early May and going throughout the summer, I intend to run a series of posts covering various investment topics.

There will continue to be some other commentary and links to interesting articles. But the bulk of the summer will focus on personal investing.

We shall begin with key investment concepts such as risk, return, and diversification. Not the most exciting reading, I grant you. But if you understand the core principles, everything else will make much more sense.

Then we shall look at the various asset classes. Also, the relationship between the classes and the impact of the core principles on each type of asset.

Once we cover the fundamentals, we will move on to actual investing issues. Topics such as investor profiles, investment styles, and investment strategies.

Finally, a look at recommended investment strategies for the majority of individual investors. And how to efficiently and effectively implement those strategies.

Content should be of interest (and readable) to anyone wanting to better understand the investment process. Although geared for young professionals, I believe that even experienced investors will find plenty of new information within the posts.

If you are new to the blog, thank you for visiting.

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I hope the information is of interest and serves you well.

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  1. young fellow says:

    Hi Jordan, just tried to subscribe (via email) but it is not working? Could be a safety measure from DB to prevent us getting weird opinions which could be conveyed to our esteemed clients? Take care. Gunter

  2. JMW says:

    Please give it another try now. I have made a few modifications to deal with DB. Regards. JMW

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