Fun Ways to Enhance Your Resume

On 04/29/2010, in Career, Informal Education, by Jordan Wilson

Charles Purdy offers ways to strengthen your resume and have some fun at the same time.

A few of the items I have suggested in previous posts. Please see here, here, and here for my thoughts on extracurricular activities and their impact on job prospects.

Regardless of any specific suggestion made by Mr. Purdy, they all share common traits:

Differentiate Yourself From the Pack

By being slightly out of the mainstream, they serve to differentiate you from other applicants. Setting yourself aside from the pack in a positive way is important if you want to be hired for any open position.

Becoming a yoga instructor indicates that you are a healthy individual. This may create an impression with the employer that you will seldom be ill and able to handle work stress better than others. It may also evoke the stereotype of “a sound mind in a sound body”.

Develop Complementary Job Skills

All the suggested actions involve developing skills that are indirectly relevant to most jobs. These soft skills are often the key factor in deciding between two technically sound candidates.

Learning a language, teaching, acting, or writing, all improve interpersonal and communication skills.

Volunteering or starting a small business may show an entrepreneurial flair. Or perhaps the ability to turn technical skills into practical results.

Demonstrate Success

Not expressly stated in the article, but implied, is that you should be able to show some success in your endeavours.

You need not be fluent in a foreign language or the lead in a movie. However, demonstrating the effort put in and any success you had will be viewed positively by a potential employer.

“Success begets success” is another popular perception of employers.

Becoming a Pilates instructor carries more weight than simply taking classes. Actually starting a small business rather than just doing it as a hobby is better from an employer’s perspective.

Show Your Energy

Undertaking any (or all) of the suggestions helps show potential employers that you are an energetic, self-motivated, and multi-dimensional person. A person who enjoys trying new experiences and challenges.

In short, the sort of individual that would be perfect for a position in the company.

While the suggestions given are good ways to enhance your resume, there are many other options that might better fit your own unique situation.

Just consider my four points when deciding which ones will look best on the resume.

And, most of all, have fun while you are strengthening your skills.

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  1. NF says:

    Excellent suggestions Jordan. Having been in the working field for sometime and reviewed many resumes as well as having conducted a number of interviews, I can tell the young persons out there that it is really sound advice and implementing them creates a positive impression on future employers.

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