Want to Improve Your G.P.A. by 10%?

On 04/26/2010, in Formal Education, by Jordan Wilson

Many of you are currently writing finals or awaiting your course grades.

Wondering if you did enough studying to do well. Or if that extra scotch (or five) killed too many brain cells to allow you to even conditionally pass your courses.

Do not worry. Here is one quick way to improve your scholastic performance.

Attend a private college.

I am certain that the private schools have excellent reasons as to why their marks are, on average, higher. More dedicated students due to the higher tuition fees. Higher costs result in greater funding, allowing private schools to provide better teachers and learning resources. So it makes sense that the students learn more and do better than those in public schools.

I am sure there are a few other interesting arguments as well.

I do not subscribe to any of them to any great extent.

This is another reason why employers do not place significant reliance on grades. There is just too much variance between schools to make grade comparison relevant.

Please see my comments in Academics Versus Extracurricular Activities for more on this topic.

Study hard and learn the material. It is what you know that is important to most employers. Not whether your G.P.A. was 3.3 or 3.0.

Unless you are in the absolute top or bottom of your classes, grades will not be the number one determinant in getting hired. Comprehension and the ability to practically applicate your knowledge are the important factors.

That said, save the scotch (or other beverage of choice) until all the tests are complete. And even then, imbibe in moderation.

Good luck on your exams.

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