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On 12/18/2009, in Formal Education, by Jordan Wilson

A commentator inquired on how to choose the right MBA school in Canada. I shall be responding to this in a separate post.

While surfing today, I noticed a Christmas reading list from Thomas Sowell.  

One recommendation was Choosing the Right College.

According to Dr. Sowell, the book examines, “What is the right college for you, not what is the “best” college by some formula for ranking colleges and universities. In addition to a very thorough examination of the academic realities at these institutions, it goes into the social atmosphere, which can make or break the whole college experience in terms of what is right for a particular student.”

I have not read the book, but if Dr. Sowell thinks well of it, that is good enough for me.

As I indicated in a prior post, there are many personal factors that weigh into choosing a school. Where you will live, where friends or family are, career plans, cost, and so on. “Independent” rankings cannot address these factors. So choose the school that works for you, not just because it makes a top 10 ranking.

As for the other books on his list, I have read Applied Economics. A good book, but I would recommend reading Dr. Sowell’s Basic Economics first.

Coincidentally, I am reading The Character of Nations and will give you an update when complete.

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