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Marketing – The Art of Manipulation

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When I was in university, I wanted to major in Marketing.

Reading articles like Menu Mind Games [4] is the main reason why. I find the use of psychological tactics to manipulate human behaviour fascinating. Maybe that is why I find Behavioural Finance so much fun.  

Unfortunately, there were not a lot of interesting (or potentially lucrative) Marketing jobs available to me when I was in university. In reviewing the CNN Money.com Best Jobs in America [5], there still appear to be limited opportunities in this field.

Of the top 100 positions ranked, only 5 might be pure marketing positions. Marketing Manager, Creative Director, Product Marketing Manager, Online Marketing Manager, and Product Marketing Manager. Compare this with the Financial sector which has 16 positions in the top 100.

Note that I differentiate between true marketing and sales positions. Yes, there is skill overlap, but they are two vastly different areas of expertise. I also included Creative Director in Marketing, which Money.com did not.

Whether you major in Marketing or not, you should spend some time studying the field. In almost any position you hold, knowledge of marketing techniques will serve you very well. If you are good at it, the results can be huge on your business’s bottom line.