In a prior post, “Investment Ideas Come From Everywhere”, we looked at how potential investments can be found pretty much anywhere.

But at the U-haul shop?  

According to this article from MSN Money, there is a strong correlation between economic strength in an area and the rental cost for a U-haul trailer.

Intuitively, this should make sense. It is simply supply and demand from your introductory Economics courses. However, often when things are presented in a slightly unexpected format, people do not comprehend them as quickly.

While the article may not make you think of any specific investment opportunities, other than perhaps U-haul itself, it is a good indicator as to where the stronger and weaker regions in the USA are located. It is that knowledge that can be used to begin identifying investments.

I really enjoy these sort of connections. Knowing more than other investors is a key to investing success. When you catch the connection that others may miss, you gain an advantage. That advantage can make you money.

After reading the article, may I suggest you begin to think outside the traditional box. Try to start seeing the unorthodox links and you may be able to gain an advantage yourself.

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