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On 10/15/2009, in Economics, Informal Education, by Jordan Wilson

I tend not to make general recommendations.

Each person is unique and what one person enjoys, another will not.

For people starting out in the business world or wanting to become investors, I believe that an understanding of economics is crucial. If you want to be successful in business or investing, identifying and dealing with economic issues is the most important thing that you will do.

So I suggest that you improve your knowledge in this field.

To learn about economics in a pain-free way, I highly recommend reading Thomas Sowell.

Mr. Sowell is considered one of the top economists in the world today, which is impressive enough. However, I recommend him because he is very good at explaining economics in language that most people can understand. If you have taken economics in school, this may be hard to believe, but I think it is true.

Should you desire a good overview of economics, take a read of his books. Basic Economics is an excellent primer, followed by Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One.

For a taste of what I mean, check out this short article which discusses how economic actions are all interconnected. So much so, that among other things, an increase in demand for ice cream can cause the price of baseball gloves to rise.

Update at March 19, 2012: I also recommend The Thomas Sowell Reader as a very worthwhile read.

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